Bucket Lists

In my quest to do something with my bucket list I started going through them. The best way to do something with your life is to also do all the things you actually want to do.  If you are not having fun and doing what you love, you won’t get it done and you certainly will not be someone people look up too.  If you are miserable you will not want to complete a bucket list anyways.

I have a travel bucket list, a learning bucket list, a book bucket list, a Pinterest bucket list, a summer bucket list (which encompasses everything to do with visiting my parents and involves all bucket lists and I will probably start many more bucket lists before my life is over.  We all like to see other people’s success and even more so their failures.

With my parents living in the UK, it is super easy to check visiting a castle off the list. It is harder to choose a favorite picture to post.  The castle we went to in Scotland the summer of 2012 was my favorite.   Caerlaverock Castle was so large and unique.  The architecture was Incredible and different from traditional English castles and the atmosphere felt magical.

There are items worthy of being photographed, but happened before I started keeping track of my lists. Being an aunt, visiting Niagara Falls (since I used to live only 20 minutes from them), and have a tattoo.  I actually got the tattoo before I had my daughter and most people do not even know I have one.

My travel bucket list is much larger and I won’t go into detail, but I will put down the first one I was able to check off my list.

My first visit to Dublin, Ireland. I don’t have any pictures because my camera broke and I was only there for a one day trip. It was beyond anything I have ever experienced before.  I cried flying into Dublin and felt like I was traveling home.  It was the first time I had traveled on my own. I had no idea what to expect.  It drizzled the whole day but I will always remember that day.

I felt grown up doing something I loved.  I found my true calling in life; to travel and write about my journeys for other people to experience. The trip to Dublin truly inspired my passion to write, travel and even start a bucket list.

What’s on your bucket list???


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