The Critic

We are our own worst critic.  I try to live my life without regrets and ensure I do everything I can to be happy with my choices, but I am human and often forget.

There are moments that come back to haunt me when I should have said something different, or in most cases not have said anything at all.  It’s important to realize we have made a mistake and to apologize when it happens.

Words tend to pour out of my mouth before I think and it is a habit I am constantly trying to work on.  It often gets forgotten until someone brings it up.  No matter how gently, it is embarrassing and still makes you feel as if you are not up to par in their eyes.

Sometimes writing it all down is the only way to get past those feelings.  I don’t believe we ever truly get over them, but we do learn and move on from them.  I have a nasty habit of going over every single one in my head and cringing, even though if you ask whoever else was involved they have probably forgotten all about it.

There are benefits to receiving criticism. The main one is that we have a chance to change our behavior and become a better-rounded individual.  If we didn’t make mistakes, we would never have a chance to grow, and that is something worth learning despite the embarrassment.


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