• Climbing out of the depths of despair
  • United in our tragedy
  • We must help repair
  • United in our agony

  • My heart broke on 9/11 when I saw the towers crumble
  • My heart bled for Columbine as I saw the children fall
  • I saw the world humbled
  • Individuals taking up the call

  • My heart broke for Paris when I saw the lights go out
  • My heart breaks for women who cannot fight back as they lay bleeding and broken
  • My heart mourns the refugees though they do not give up hope

  • My heart cried out in anger when the bombs in Boston went off
  • I watched in horror as Lebanon was torn asunder
  • Night after night the tears come as we mourn the loss
  • Our fallen brothers and sisters in an endless slumber

  • Through it all we stand tall
  • United in our tragedy
  • It will not take us

  • My heart breaks for those sold to be a slave
  • My heart breaks for the people who do not know the way
  • Massacres in Africa stun us
  • Suicide bombings in Iraq try to destroy us

  • The Holocaust showed us pure evil
  • My heart aches as I try to understand
  • The true nature of people
  • These attacks that are planned

  • Our cries for help echo
  • Everyone in despair
  • Africa, Australia, North and South America
  • Europe, Asia, Antarctica

  • They will not break us
  • We will stand for each other
  • A world united  in tragedy
  • A world united  in hope


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