Work Success

In the spirit of graduation and becoming an adult I am taking a class through my local workforce department called Work Success.  Many of the workshops are a review for me on how to find a job and all the little things we forget.


The class is wonderful for anyone struggling to find a job or create a resume.  The class goes over the correct way to interview as well as what should be included versus what should not.


It is not all workshops.  There is self-directed time where you can search for a job or work on your online profiles.  As a writer my online presence is important and writing blog posts is an integral part of that process.


The classes last eight hours a day, because looking is a full time job.  If you are lucky enough you will have a smaller class and the schedule is not as strict.  My class consists of two other people one of which is the instructor.  The class is informative and engaging.


I have applied to more jobs then I can possibly count.  There is a vast difference in waiting for a response from a career choice rather than another retail job.  Up until I graduated I have only ever applied to customer service retail positions.  I have never applied for a career that I want to do for some time.


We need money to survive and it is what drives and motivates us.


The class is also good for networking.  I encourage everyone to find a Work Success class if you are not working, or if you are looking for a job change.  Employers are constantly changing and evolving with the demands of social media and technology.  As potential job seekers we need to keep up or get left behind.  No employer wants to hire someone who is lagging.


I welcome the chance to learn and grow, because there is always something we do not know.  I have been able to fine-tune my resume and I have had access to countless job searching sites.  I hope everyone uses what is readily available in their community.


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