The most exciting thing that has happened to me lately is the fact that I have survived the first few weeks of school.  I am a lot less stressed and I am supposed to graduate in less than nine months.  It isn’t hard to survive at this point since I have been surviving for almost five years now.

I am taking a political communication class which is interesting, because of the professor.  While teaching he wanders around the room, sitting and even laying on random desks.  He also has a way of making the subject matter stimulating rather than just lecturing us and expecting us not to fall asleep.    The most random things come out of his mouth.

Two of my classes are anthropology ones.  One is Andean religion and the other is theory.  Sometimes I wonder what the crap I was thinking to make Anthropology one of my majors.  There are times however where I understand what is being said, and remember why I love this subject and why I wanted to go into it.

It is one of the most fascinating things to study other people, their cultures and question why they do what they do.  My professor for both of those classes is so knowledgeable it sometimes hurts my head.  I feel as if sometimes he is speaking a foreign language when he teaches. It is easy to become engrossed in the subject and want to learn more because of the passion he shows when teaching.

My last two professors are the droll, lecturing types that you come to expect after almost five years of going to school.  I suppose you have to take the bad with the good and at least I have some interesting ones to break up my day.

The days I don’t go to school, my daughter has preschool and dance, both of which she loves and is helping her to be more outgoing.  She finally has an outlet for all of her energy and I have noticed a huge change in her behavior.  The weekends are not spent yelling at her because she is bored and getting into trouble, but rather she is happy to relax and practice her dance moves.


Nine Months

Tomorrow begins the craziest nine months of my life. I am only nine months away from graduating. I tried to ignore the fact that I had only a year left at the beginning of the summer.  As it comes closer to ending I thought about the summer.  This summer was full of learning, teaching and making new, lasting relationships.

I learned to love myself. I learned to be grateful for everything I have and work for it because it can be gone in an instant. I learned to be patient and when to ask for help. I have learned that the Lord is always watching out for me and never forgets me even when I may have forgotten to thank Him. I learned to be more understanding of different people’s views and beliefs.

I learned that I work for some of the most amazing people I have ever met. They have become like family to me. They have strengthened me and helped me to see my potential and that I can do whatever I want in life. They have become my role models and make me want to do better for myself and my daughter.

It was a summer of discovering who I am and what I am capable of. I may not have taken any trips, but this summer I learned more about myself and who I can become.

The coming months of school are going to be my hardest, but I am looking forward to the challenge. I am looking forward to growing more as a person and pushing myself to be the best I can be. I want to graduate at the top of my class. It will be tough, but I know it can be accomplished. I have an amazing support system and I can’t wait to see what I can do.

Where Have I Been?

Radio silence. I’m not sure where the summer has gone, but it has not gone the way I planned. I wanted to check things off my list, have some sound advice and things to do. I even made a list and calendars counting down how many days I had left of summer.

Without realizing it, I have whittled away time until I have a month left of summer. It never seemed to pass this quickly when I was traveling and exploring castles in the summers. Working 40 hours a week and spending free time with my baby has somehow made my summer disappear like a cloud of smoke.

I have loved every minute with my daughter, except I was hoping to explore the wonders of Utah with her. In hindsight I realize that she is happier spending time with me giving her my full attention than anything we could be doing.

As I am writing this she is snuggled up against me.  Instead of the list of cleaning things I had written down to do today we have been taking turns playing games, reading books and singing Disney songs on the radio.

I will never have enough time in my life to accomplish everything I wish I could, and I suppose the point to everything is figuring out what is important and focusing on that. My little girl will always be my baby but she certainly won’t be little for much longer.  Right now the most important thing is to spend time with her and make sure she grows up knowing I love her and she can do and be whatever she wants someday.

Life is all about the choices we make and where those choices will lead us. I am making the choice to put my daughter first. I know someday I won’t be nearly as busy as I am know, and maybe then we can go exploring and enjoy the adventures I have planned together.

My bucket list will never be finished considering I’m always adding stuff to it.  As long as I am enjoying life it doesn’t matter if I don’t get everything checked off.

World Domination Someday…Or just Summer Fun

Doing nothing is sometimes glorious and sometimes it sucks monkey balls.  I know when people say they have done nothing it is usually a lie because they have written a book or found a cure for cancer.  My plan for world summer domination is off to a slow and uneventful start.

I have been working and taking my baby to the park, which is relaxing but not very exciting to read about.  Speaking of reading, I have read ten new books since summer started.

I am finally able to be a better mother and spend quality time with my daughter.  I get so involved in school and work that I feel like I am letting her down and not there when she needs me.

Spending time at the park with her and taking her out for ice cream has become the best part of my day.  I can’t believe it is already June. I had so much planned for the summer. I have come to the realization that if it doesn’t happen it will be ok as long as I am spending time with my baby doing what she loves.

She is four has the power to drive me bonkers because she has mastered the art of back talking. With more time to relax and focus on her I don’t get as mad as easily and I am able to talk to her about why she is acting a certain way. It’s amazing what a little more attention will do to a child’s attitude.

As I am writing this I am listening to her argue with my grandmother about what she is drinking.  It reminds me no matter how much time you spend with them, at four years old they still think they know everything and their way is the only way.

That’s it for now, but I hope to have more exciting adventures in the near future.

Finals and Summer, and Kolaches!

Finals, the bane of my existence are over.  A part of me of is ecstatic, while another part of me is devastated.  I did really well in four of my five finals and failed one.  I failed so miserably it put me into a bit of a funk.  My professor decided to have three grades for the whole semester.  The three grades were tests and I don’t test well.

School is over!  I now have the rest of the summer to work and have fun.  I have so many plans for this summer and I can’t wait to get started.  It has already been off to an amazing start with a road trip for my best friend’s wedding.

It will be nice writing for fun, reading, and relaxing. We will take trips to the zoo, aquarium, and even the Grand Canyon.  Four months of nothing academic and spending quality time with my daughter.

It may not matter as much to my daughter what we do, but I love to surprise her and show her the things we can learn.  The summer is going to be filled with adventures and new experiences.  I will let you know how it goes and bring you along on our adventures.

Just a side note, I now work at a little place called Kolaches in Heber and the food is amazing!  It is sweet dough filled with yummy goodness.  I wrote a post earlier on what they are so check it out.

Utah Symphony

An update on being unplugged.  It has not quite gone according to plan.  The first week I was really good and nothing distracted me.  I decided that after all the school work my head was going to explode and so I needed some down time playing a game.  I still am doing really well on no movies. I keep it strictly to weekend nights as long as I have nothing due the next week.

This has helped a lot, by at cutting back and focusing more on school.

I started working at this amazing little place in my hometown called Kolaches.  For anyone who does not know, kolaches are Czech and consist of sweet bread with different toppings or fillings.  We make a savory breakfast kolache and lunch ones such as pepperoni pizza, cheeseburger and chili cheese dog.  BBQ pulled pork is my favorite.  We also make sweet ones with toppings such as cream cheese, blueberry, strawberry, and raspberry.

We also make huge cinnamon rolls and during the holidays Orange rolls. I could eat one every day of my life.  It is fun, fast paced and the owners are some of the nicest people I have ever met.

My favorite ending to this week however was when I got to go to the symphony.  In one word it was fantastic.  I also got to check it off of my bucket list.  I went with my friend because she had to go for a music class, and the main performer was a violinist.  It almost brought me to tears.

It reminded me of when I used to play flute and how badly I want to play again.  They were flawless. The music had a way of moving through your body and creating a whole other world in your head.  It was magical.

Last thing of note is my best friend is getting married next week!!! I am so excited to be getting out of Utah for the weekend, seeing her again and being able to watch her get married in the Temple.  I will probably bawl like a baby, but that is what weddings are for.

Have a great day!

Unplugged Again

There are 41 days left of the semester and I have decided to become unplugged again for the duration.  I have not been doing as well as I could be doing in my classes and that is my own fault.  I sit down to do homework and become distracted by Netflix, books, games and all manner of things I don’t need.

I need to focus on school and have decided for the next 41 days there will be no Netflix, no fun books, and no games.  There will be nothing that takes my focus from schoolwork.  If I am serious about writing I need better grades and it’s about time I take responsibility and do that.

I plan to do it more this summer and enjoy life.  I love reading more than most things but I also realize the importance of exploring and getting outside. I am addicted to technology and that needs to end.  I realize of course some forms of technology will be helpful this summer such as cameras and maps but the time wasters are done.

Right now I am bordering on C’s because I get so distracted too easily.  I have 41 days to bust my butt and get A’s and I know I can do it.  I’ll keep you posted!